Health Care

Jef Jel has played and continues to play a significant role in refurbishing many of the local medical facilities and constructing new facilities.  In addition, Jef Jel is contributing a significant supply of disposable medical supplies and durable medical equipment to the medical facilities within the Kaolack Region.

Examples of the refurbishment and construction projects we have completed include: Ndofane, Latmingue, Tanda Modi, Forou Serer, and Tiaquando.

Working with the non-profit MedShare based in Decatur, GA, we have raised enough money to ship a 40 ft container of medical supplies and equipment to Senegal worth almost $200k.  This equipment will be used for the main hospital in the large city of Kaolack as well as the smaller clinics in the Kaolack Region.

We would are indebted to many in the Senegal community, including:

  • Dr. Mcoumba Diouf, Mayor of Latmingue
  • Dr. Aichatou Barry Diouf, Chief Medical Officer Kaolack Region
  • Saliou Tall, Administrator of Health Services for Senegal