Supporting the villagers in Ndangane and the community of Latmingue, Jef Jel financed and the local community constructed two school house buildings. The schools are named for Aida Loum, a nurse in the community who is responsible for managing the activities and finances of Jef Jel, and Bobby Rickman, a long time supporter of the Jef Jel Project.

We have employed three teachers who supplement their income by teaching English, French, and Arabic to the youth of Ndangane and the local town of Latmingue.  French is the official language of Senegal and Arabic is used in the local population's Muslim teachings.  By learning English, we hope to build in our own "translators" and give these children more opportunities abroad.  We are already seeing signs that this additional education is helping our students gain an edge in the local community schools.

The teachers have been very popular with the youth, and our student population continues to grow.  Last year the students exchanged letters with an Atlanta Preschool.  The Aida Loum students communicated in English and the Atlanta students communicated in French.

Jef Jel also sponsors an annual scholarship to two students in the local community.